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Creating your custom pet canvas allows us connect with you, pet lovers, on a completely different level. AugiDog Art allows your pet to live on forever, with a one-of-a-kind custom canvas that is just as unique, and special as they are.

After almost losing my dog, August (AugiDog), I know just how important it is to enjoy the moments we have with our fur babies while they are here, but also the importance of remembering them when they are gone. We want everyone to be able to memorialize their pets even after they have crossed over the rainbow bridge.  

Everyone loves their pets like they are family, because in reality, they are. What more of a better way to show our love for our pets than to have a custom AugiDog canvas to hang in our home, or office of our furry best friends.

Enjoy this gallery of the wonderful abstract pet canvases we have created. Each one of these are a one-of-a-kind piece that has been designed to showcase the beauty of abstract art and the love of our pets.

Abstract art is not “about nothing”. It is about color, pattern, line, composition, form, texture, and process. These are all qualities of artwork, because they describe how the art is created and what the art looks like.  Abstract art is an exploration of all of these qualities combined.

About the AugiDog Art Gallery

We have turned our love for art and the love for our pets into beautiful creations.

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